Economy Corner Week 15

Welcome to the weekly Economy Corner where I suggest the Best Bang for the Buck options at each position (Points Earned/Price $ Paid). Most of us probably won’t crack the top 100 in the Global Overall league. In fact, I’d be happy to just hit the top 1,000. However, we all have the capability to achieve #1 in our private leagues against our friends, coworkers, and fellow club supporters. I am here to help you achieve that.

Only 6 teams playing: CHI vs ATL, SKC vs MTL, and POR vs DAL. International Call Ups. Rosters due Saturday.
I’m attending the USA vs T&T match Thursday, would be fun meeting fellow redditors.

Value Play Examples (Points/Cost $) from Week 14 (Week 14 prices)

Goalkeeper: Getting 18 pts from Bendik ORL DGW for only $4.9 compared to paying $5.6 for Johnson NYC who scored 8 pts.

Defender: Getting 16 pts from Callens NYC DGW for only $4.7 compared to paying $6.4 for Chanot NYC DGW who scored 15 pts.

Midfielder: Getting 17 pts from Lamah DAL SGW for only $7.6  compared to paying $10 for Alessandrini LA SGW who scored 9pts.

Forward: Getting 12 pts from Urruti DAL SGW for only $9 compared to paying $10.1 for Wright-Philips NY SGW who scored 3 pts.

Recap of Week 14 Suggestions

Big Win: For me personally the Big Win is getting tickets for the USA vs T&T World Cup Qualifying game. I would enjoy meeting up with my fellow Redditors. I also had the best week in fantasy so far.

For Economy Corner the Big Win is Goalkeepers. I had suggested Bendik, Steffen and Cropper. Bendik and Steffen placed 1st and 2nd highest scoring goalkeepers for the week. In comparison 9 points from Cropper seems like a disappointment, but Cropper only played one of New England’s two games. I did call the CS against TOR, so I am marking that as a win. Shout out to /u/Gwit_TO

Swing and a Miss: Defense suggestions were terrible last week, even with suggesting Callens NYC who scored 16 pts, the -1 pt by Wingert RSL is just unacceptable. I am sorry for suggesting such nonsense. On the flip side, if you had played forward Plata you might be singing a different tune for RSL. Thiesson MIN scored 4 pts even during a 0-3 loss.

The Push: Both Midfield and Forward suggestion go here. Trap CLB and Torres HOU produced big for us, Torres was tied for highest scoring forward for the week. Harrison NYC played 158 mins, had a goal and scored 9 points during the DGW, yet his value dropped by $0.1

For a SGW Gressel ATL scored a decent 5 pts in a 1-3 loss. Jackson-Hamel MTL only scored 2 pts while six of his teammates scored over 8 pts in their SGW.

Biggest Regret: Captaining Villa instead of Nguyen, Meram, Medranda or Callens.

*Weekly disclaimer: I’m not saying these choices will perform better than high priced Bingham, Besler, Lodeiro or Villa; these are simply value plays so that you can still squeeze Bingham, Besler, Lodeiro and Villa all into you starting XI.

Week 15 Value Suggestions

Only 6 teams playing: CHI vs ATL, SKC vs MTL, and POR vs DAL. International Call Ups. Rosters due Saturday.

With only 6 Teams Playing I am only suggesting 5 players this week.
Cropper and Melia start the week selected by 24% of teams. I honestly think all three home teams have opportunities for CS. So pick a goalkeeper.

Lampson CHI $4.6 – Lampson has started the last 6 weeks for Fire and has 3 CS. Over Chicago’s last five home games they conceded only 2 goals earning 3 clean sheets. Lampson is a whole $ cheaper than Melia and is a big reason he is suggested here. If you don’t need to save the $, then go with Melia.

Defenders: Medranda is currently at 28%. Jones and Opara are the only other defenders above 18%.

Vytas POR $4.7 – The entire Portland defense is under $5. Don’t be afraid of their match against Dallas. During the four games before the 6-2 stomping of RSL, Dallas had only scored 2 goals. Don’t choose Farfan or Powell, neither have played in recent weeks. This is Portland’s first back-to-back home games since April 15th and 22nd.

Midfield: Godoy has dropped below 20%. Only Valeri is above 20%, and I expect he’ll continue to climb through the week.

Fernandes SKC $8.2 – Kansas City is on a 5 home game win streak scoring 14 goals in those five home games. Fernandes has fives goals for the season, but three came in a hat trick, so he’s only scored in 3 games. He did get 7 pts this last week against Minnesota without tallying a goal or assist.

Gressel ATL $4.4 – I’m not hiding it, I don’t like any of the away teams this week. However, I think it’s good to acknowledge the hot streak Gressel is on. He has 2 goals, 3 assists, and 30 pts in Atlanta’s last four games. Plus he is cheap, throw him on your bench just in case.

Forwards: Villa is starting the week at 37%, and should drop. Larin is currently at 20%. Adi is at 19%, expect his selection to increase.

Solignac CHI $6.0 – Not sure why you would choose a forward not named Adi, Nikolic or Accam this week. If you are looking to cut cost at the Forward position this week, Solignac is probably the cheapest forward with opportunity to score this week.

That’s V value plays for you to consider for Week 15.

Constructive feedback is appreciated.


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