Fantasy MLS Economy Corner Week 6

Welcome to the weekly Economy Corner where I suggest the Best Bang for the Buck options at each position (Price Paid/Points Earned). Most of us probably won’t crack the top 100 in the Global Overall league. In fact, I’d be happy to just hit the top 1,000. However, we all have the capability to achieve #1 in our private leagues against our friends, coworkers, and fellow club supporters. I am here to help you achieve that.

Value Play Examples from Week 5 (Week 5 price) –
Goalkeeper: Paying $6 for Frei SEA who scored 9 pts or pay $4.7 for Steffen CLB who also scored 9 pts and save $1.3
Defender: Paying $5 for Zavaleta TOR (mentioned here last week) who scored 9 pts compared to paying $5.8 for Kemp DC who only scored 3 pts.
Midfielder: Paying $9 for Pirlo NYC who scored 3 pts compared to paying $5.6 for Artur CLB who scored 9 pts.
Forward: Paying $7.6 for Sapong PHI or pay $10 for Wright-Philips, both scored 7 pts.


Recap of Week 5 Suggestions
Big Win: Sapong PHI and Movsisyan RSL both scored a goal in their games. Zavaleta TOR earned clean sheet points.

Swing and a Miss: Midfielders were average; Godoy sat, Harrison and McNamara both scored instead of Wallace, and Portland didn’t score as many against New England as I expected.

The Push: My goalkeepers suggestions last week weren’t the best. However, with only 4 goalkeepers earning clean sheet points, neither Deric HOU or Bendik ORL suffered a price decrease.

Biggest Regret: Assuming Houston’s attack would stutter without Quioto, congrats to everyone who started Torres.


*Weekly disclaimer: I’m not saying these choices will perform better than high priced Frei, Hedges, Lodeiro or Villa; these are simply value plays so that you can still squeeze Frei, Hedges, Lodeiro or Villa all into you starting XI.

Week 6 Value Suggestions
Anyone else notice that MLS adjusted the Fantasy Schedule midday Monday? I had to completely redo the Value Plays for the week, and my fantasy lineup.

Goalkeepers I expect Melia SKC to be everyone’s top choice for goalkeeper this week. I am also becoming a fan of Steffen CLB, but I don’t want to choose him against the Fire and newly aquired Schweinsteiger.

Bono TOR $4.7 – Bono entered the game last week after Irwin left with an injury. Toronto could get a second clean sheet in a row against an Atlanta team that will be missing Martinez.

Ousted VAN $5.3 – Vancouver is on the road and they haven’t had a clean sheet since their Week 1 0-0 draw. That could change this week as the Whitecaps play against a Real Salt Lake team who have only scored 3 goals on the season, 2 of them last week against Leaky D Minnesota.

Defenders Here a few alternatives to Medranda SKC and Watts COL

Callens NYC $4.7 – New York City is on the road against DC United. United has only scored in one of their four games so far. Priced under $5, Callens would be a cheap clean sheet.

Lima SJ $4.6 – Earthquakes are at home against Seattle. Not sure how confident I am they can hold a clean sheet against the Sounders. I am confident Lima can still score points and maybe a goal. He earned 5 points in the 2-1 loss to NYC in their last game. He’s also the highest scoring defender under $5.

Zavaleta TOR $5.1 – I’m doubling down of Zavaleta for another clean sheet. This is Toronto’s second home game in a row. With Martinez out, Atlanta’s high scoring attack was stopped in a 0-0 draw in Seattle. This game against Toronto will be Atlanta’s second road game in a row.

Midfielder Dallas is going to be the hot hand this week against Minnesota. Here are few others to consider.

Godoy SJ $7.3 – I’m also doubling down on Godoy. It’s a home game against Seattle. San Jose has scored in every game so far this season.

Tabla MTL $4.0 – Montreal’s midfield is injury riddled. Tabla played a full 90 against Chicago last week, and scored a goal. He’s the cheapest midfielder who might actually play a full 90. It’s also a good matchup, LA Galaxy have yet to have a clean sheet this season. Sure Ashley Cole is back, but they still gave up 4 goals to the Whitecaps 

Medunjanin PHI $8 – Regardless of wins, draws or losses Medunjanin just earns points, in fact Union has yet to record their first win. With zero goals and only one assist for the season, he has still scored 7, 7, 5, and 7 points in the last four games. You couldn’t ask for more guaranteed points.

Forwards Both Torres and Urruti are going to be hot commodities this week, both should get goals and both are under $9. Here are three other forwards to consider that are under $8.

Mancosu MTL $7.9 – In case you forgot in the last 20 seconds, Impact is playing LA and I like the match up. Mancosu has played all but 2 mins for Montreal. 

Barnes ORL $7.4 – My third double down for the week. Orlando is back home in their new stadium this week. Barnes has played every possible minute since Kaka was injured, he even has more minutes than Larin. Orlando is playing against a New York team that has allowed 8 goals this season. The only teams not to score against the Red Bull’s were Colorado and Salt Lake.

Ramirez MIN $8.1 – Sorry, I lied. Ramirez costs more than $8, but in case you haven’t noticed, Minnesota has scored in every game they’ve played. The Loons are the 4th highest scoring team, including those who have played against Minnesota. Ramirez has 4 of the teams 10 goals. Don’t be surprised if they score against Dallas.

Thats XI value plays for you to consider for Week 6.

Please provide constructive feedback in the form of comments, questions, agreements or disagreements on what I’ve said.


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