Fantasy MLS Economy Corner Week 4

Best Bang for the Buck at every position for Fantasy MLS Week 4


We all like to score points in fantasy. What I mean is, that is the point of fantasy. If you’re not scoring points then you’re losing, and no one likes that. Most of us probably won’t crack the top 100 in the Global Overall league. In fact, I’d be happy to just hit the top 1,000. However, we all have the capability to achieve #1 in our private leagues against our friends, coworkers, and fellow club supporters. I am here to help you achieve that by recommending the Best Bang for the Buck Options at each position (Price paid/Points earned).

Week 3 Value Play Examples (Week 3 price) –
Goalkeeper: Howard COL ($6) got 2 pts compared to Steffen CLB ($4.5) got 10 pts. I actually suggested Steffen last week *my figurative pat on the back*
Defender: Hedges DAL ($6.6) got 4 pts compared to Crognale CLB ($4.5) got 11 pts
Midfielder: Piatti MTL ($10.2) got 3 compared to Guzman POR ($7.5) got 14 pts.
Forward: Wright-Phillips NY ($10.0) got 6pts compared to Larin ORL ($9.0) got 13 pts.

Recap of Week 3 Value suggestions. Of the 22 players I suggested only one of them had a price decrease – Herbers PHI; while three suggested players had a price increase – Medranda SKC, Godoy SJ & previously mentioned Steffen. That means the other 19 were average for the week, or they didn’t play at all… Practice Makes Perfect so lets look at Week 4!

We have our first International weekend! USA plays Honduras on Friday & Panama on Tuesday! Here is MLS official list of International Call Ups. SoccerCaptains provided a more up to date list on r/FantasyMLS. Check out both SoccerCaptains website and twitter for Fantasy MLS info and advice.

With only six MLS teams are playing this week: New England vs Minnesota, NYRB vs RSL, and CCrew vs Timbers; I’m only giving you 6 Value players, and obviously only from these six teams (Week 4 Price).

*Weekly disclaimer, I’m not saying these choices will perform better than high priced Howard, Zimmerman, Lodeiro or Villa; these are simply value plays so that you can still squeeze Howard, Zimmerman, Lodeiro & Villa all into you starting XI (see what I did there?)

Top pick for Goalkeeper this week will probably be Robles ($6.1), the goalkeeper with most clean sheets from last season against the weak attack RSL, it makes since. Below is the goalkeeper I would consider for a differential choice.

Steffen CLB ($4.7) –  Steffen is the 5th highest scoring goalkeeper on the season, that is above both Gleeson POR and Robles NY. Rimando is 4th, but he’s playing with team USA this week. I know Crew is playing against Portland, but Colombus is at Home. The Timbers will be missing Guzman and Nagbe from midfield, and are we sure Timbers away problems are solved? Portland only managed 1 goal against a 10 man LA team, thanks to Van Damme’s red card, that was also missing dos Santos, Jones, Zardes, Cole and Rodgers.

I like NYRBs defense for this week too, but I like to diversify my choices, so consider these 2 non NYRB options for your team.

Crognale CLB ($4.7) – Crognale got play time this last week due to Mensah’s red card suspension, earning 11 total points which included 4 defending bonus points. Mensah will be back from suspension, but Crew’s other defender Raitala will be gone playing for Finland. I’m hoping Crew starts Crognale again.

Beltran RSL ($4.8) – Confession Time, it’s a three part confession:
(Part 1) I’m not sure I trust RSL’s defense enough to follow this suggestion myself, but you should at least consider a team full of cheap defenders (they’re all priced under $5) playing against a team that has only scored 2 of their 4 goals themselves. Two of New York’s four goals so far this season were own goals thanks to Miller COL and Walkes ATL. Plus Red Bulls midfielder Kljestan is on international duty.
(Part 2) I really would prefer to put Vytas in this spot instead of Beltran, but he’s been out the last two weeks with no guarantee he’s back this week. Including what I said about Portland up above in the segment about Steffen, Portland defenders Powell and Miller only managed 1 point each in a 4-2 Home victory against Houston, that doesn’t give me confidence to consider the current active Timbers defenders anymore than RSL this week. Maybe I’ll start Vytas regardless knowing that if he doesn’t play he’ll be automatically subbed out…
(3) I wrote all of the above before I learned Molino has international duty as well as Schuller & Venegas, Thank you SoccerCaptains, and I didn’t want to delete it. Perhaps Delamea NE ($6) wouldn’t be to bad of a choice with Minnesota missing three of their starting midfielders.

I’ve had Valeri in my starting XI every week so far, of course he’s gonna be in my starting XI again. Here are two cheaper options to place around Valeri.

Nguyen NE ($9.6) – With his price, I’m not sure I would call Nguyen a value play, but there are limited options to choose from and I know we all want a piece of New England’s attack against leaky bucket Minnesota. Nguyen is labeled as a midfielder, but he’s been playing up top next to K. Kamara. And he is cheaper than Valeri by $0.7

Trapp CLB ($7.0) – Trapp has scored as many points as Higuain this season while being $2.6 cheaper. He’s scored 4, 5, and 6 points in the first three games. Sure last week was against DC United, but that’s 6 points that doesn’t include an assist or a goal, and did you read what I’ve already said about Portland?

My final value option for this week.

Ramirez MIN ($7.9) – Minnesota has scored at least once in every game so far, 4 goals to be exact, that is more than 11 other clubs. Ramirez scored two of those four goals. He’s also the cheapest forward playing this week. Technically Movsisyan RSL is cheaper, but I don’t think you have any plans to start Movsisyan before you start Ramirez. The problem is that as mentioned before, there’s no Schuller, Venegas or Molino to feed Ramirez.

There you have it, 6 value options for Week 4.

Please provide constructive feedback in the form of comments, questions, agreements or disagreements on what I’ve said.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy MLS Economy Corner Week 4”

  1. My only comment about Ramirez.. those 2 goals were off PKs… there’s no Molino this week to feed him. Plus with 5 other Minn guys out, this week is NOT going to be Minnesota’s week.


    1. Thank you for the comment. It’s actually Molino who scored the 2 PKs. Ramires’s goals were during game play, and the assists were to Venegas and Thiesson. I also mentioned the lack of Schuler, Molino and Venegas from midfield.


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