Fantasy MLS Economy Corner Week 3

Best Bang for the Buck at every position for Fantasy MLS Week 3


We all like to score points in fantasy. What I mean is, that is the point of fantasy. If you’re not scoring points then you’re losing, and no one likes that. Most of us probably won’t crack the top 100 in the Global Overall league. In fact, I’d be happy to just hit the top 1,000. However, we all have the capability to achieve #1 in our private leagues against our friends, coworkers, and fellow club supporters. I am here to help you achieve that by recommending the best bang for the buck options at each position. I’m giving you 4 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 6 midfielders, and 4 forwards, plus 2 extra (Special Features). That’s enough for two starting XI!!

*disclaimer, I’m not saying these choices will perform better than high priced Howard, Zimmerman, Valeri or Villa; these are simply value plays so that you can still squeeze Howard, Zimmerman, Valeri & Villa all into you starting XI (if you want to)

Week 2 value examples.
Goalkeepers: Robles NY ($6) earned 8 pts vs Gonzalez DAL ($4.5) earned 9 pts.
Defenders: Besler SKC ($6) earned 10 pts vs Callens NYC ($4.5) earned 11 pts.
Midfielders: Lodeiro SEA ($11) earned 8 pts vs Godoy SJ ($7.5) or Alex HOU ($7.5) both earned 11 pts.
Forwards: Wright-Philips NY ($10) earned 4 pts vs Villa NYC ($10) earned 16 pts.

Everyone is going to be jumping on the Rapids bandwagon this week as they host Minnesota. While I can’t argue against the choice, there are a few differential options at keeper that cost less than Howard ($6.0).  

Gonzalez DAL ($4.6) – Dallas finished a 0-0 draw vs SKC, in which Gonzalez earned 9pts. Dallas is about to host New England, which is one of four teams that hasn’t scored a goal yet this season, granted the Revs have only played one game. Careful tho, cuz Seitz was goalkeeper in Dallas’ first game. They may be switching back and forth.

Diop LA ($4.0) – As with Dallas, you need to be careful with picking LA goalkeepers as LA started a different goalkeeper in each game. Diop only allowed 1 goal to attack minded Portland last week, even while LA was missing Jermaine Jones. This week LA is visiting RSL; another team who hasn’t scored yet this season, unlike New England, RSL has played two games.

Melia SKC ($5.6) – Melia has the best value on the season for any goalkeeper with back to back clean sheets against DC and Dallas. SKC is home again hosting SJ. SJ went down 0-2 early against Vancouver last week and didn’t score until after goalkeeper Ousted was sent off with a red card.

Steffen CLB ($4.5) – Steffen is worth a consideration. He played in both of Columbus’s first two games. He’s gonna be overlooked by most players after Columbus lost 3-1 to Houston. Steffen could have a good bounce back game against DC, another team without a goal to start this season. Warning: Crew will probably be missing CB Mensah due to red card (see Special Features below).

Same story, different position, Colorado Bandwagon may have never been so full. Even in a 1-0 loss to the Red Bulls, Watts price still increased. Besides Sjoberg, it is actually Dallas’s and New York City’s defenders that cost the most; so Watts, Burch, and Miller are really the value play.

Lima SJ ($4.6) – Lima has been a point scoring machine, fourth highest scoring defender, his price tag is hard to resist. Even with Vancouver’s 2 goals last week, Lima earned 10 pts, scoring a goal definitely helped. I expect him to keep getting fantasy points against SKC this week, SKC has yet to score a goal this season.

Opara SKC ($5.2) – I know I just recommended Lima, SKC’s opponent, but a 0-0 is conceivable. Earthquakes have been at home last two weeks, this is their first road game. I expect SKC to keep a third consecutive clean sheet.

Callens NYC ($4.7) – New York City is feeling good after stomping DC 4-0. They are staying home again. I don’t see NYC allowing two goals to Montreal like the Sounders did this last week.

Onyewu PHI ($4.5) – Onyewu scored 3 bonus points in the 2-2 draw with Toronto, that’s as much as Rosenberry and $0.5 cheaper. Expect him to keep producing against Orlando this week, Orlando’s first full game without Kaka.

Guillen DAL ($4.1) – Guillen is another risk choice as he didn’t play in Dallas’s first game, but he did put in a full 90 mins last week against SKC earning 8 pts.

Long NY ($5.1) – Long is having a fantastic fantasy start to the season with the Red Bulls. Even tho they didn’t get the clean sheet in the opener versus Atlanta, Long still finished that game with 7 pts. That’s the sort of defender you want against attack heavy teams like Seattle. I expect Seattle to score at least one goal, but Long has shown he can still produce points while being scored on.

Midfield is full of good value plays right now. You shouldn’t ignore players like Valeri or Atlanta’s Almiron and Asad. Use these cheaper players to fill in the space between your stars.

Godoy SJ ($7.2) – You don’t have to jump on the bandwagon yet, you could wait till week 5 since San Jose doesn’t play in week 4, but why wait? He’s scored a goal in each game so far. Even if you remove the goal from his point total, he would have still earned 6 pts against Vancouver. That I like.

Alex HOU ($7.7) – Another player whose price you should take advantage of before it shoots up. Houston has scored 5 goals to start the season, the most by any time that has not played Minnesota. Alex has a lot to do with that recording 3 assists. If Minnesota can score against Portland, why not Houston?

Olum POR ($6.5) – Speaking of Portland, Olum has been doing work, earning as many points as high priced Blanco ($9.1). I’m expecting a good game for both Houston and Portland midfield/forwards this week and Olum should be in the midst of that racking up the bonus points.

D Jones PHI ($4.5) – If you’re looking for a solid player for your bench, look no further. Similar to Onyewu, Jones keeps scoring points that makes him worth choosing over other low priced players for you bench. Each game so far he’s scored 5 points. If Union can get a win, look for Jones’s value to increase.

Gressel ATL ($4.5) – Same mode as D Jones, but he needs to step it up before I consider choosing him over Jones for my bench. He scored 7 pts against Minnesota, but that’s not saying much.

Medunjanin PHI ($8.0) – Another Union player, I’m excited for how many points Medunjanin will get when Union start winning. He scored 7 points in both of Philadelphia’s two games: 0-0 and 2-2 draws.

Fact: Forwards are expensive. Even the best valued forwards are going to be your most expensive players. So far the most expensive player I’ve highlighted is Medunjanin at $8.0. Here in Forwards Land, we’re gonna start our value picks at $8.6.

Quioto HOU ($8.6) – I’m really disappointed with my Week 2 lineup. I started the week putting Quioto in, but then after reading other people’s analysis and opinions I pulled him out. I’m just happy I kept Alex in midfield in my starting XI. Quioto’s price, point total, & value is the same as Wondolowski’s. The difference is that 3 of San Jose’s 4 goals for the season came against a man down Vancouver team.

Herbers PHI ($7.1) – So there is value at the Forward position for under $8. Herbers just tallied 9 points, while only playing 77 minutes against Toronto.

Badji COL ($6.4) – This the real differential pick this week. While everyone else loads up with Colorado’s defense, get yourself Badji. They’re at home at elevation, against Minnesota who has given up 11 goals to start the season. That’s almost as many goals as the next three porous teams combined – Seattle, Columbus and DC United; they each have allowed 4 goals.

Villa NYC ($10.2) – Yes he’s the second highest priced Forward, but he has 4 more points on the season than next highest scoring forward that has not yet played Minnesota.

Smith Defender LA ($3.9) – if you want to keep money off you bench regardless of how bad a player is, then check out Smith. He is currently the lowest priced player available.

Mensah Defender CLB ($5.6) – Mensah got a red card last game and his price dropped $0.4. Crew is petitioning the suspension, if MLS approves the petition, Mensah would be a cheap center back against a DC United team still looking for their first goal.

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